Planning to get your driver’s license but can’t decide on whether to go for a private driving instructor or learn it in a driving school?

Let us share with you the benefits of learning your driving lesson with a private driving instructor.

  1. Flexible Time Table –  Learning from a private driving instructor, you are not restricted to a certain fixed time table that driving school scheduled. You can arrange with the instructor at any available time to accommodate your hectic schedule.
  2. Flexible Syllabus – The private instructor will teach according to the student’s pace and you are not restricted to have to learn the lesson for a fixed amount of hours. As some student learn better with shorter session while others are better with longer session.
  3. Cheaper Fees – Comparing to the fee that driving school charge, private driving instructor charges a lower fee at typically around $26-$32 per hour, whereas driving school charges $38-$44 per hour (including GST).
  4. No Fixed Number of Lessons – There is no minimum number of lessons that the student require to take before going for the test. When the student is confident enough and the instructor think that he is capable of passing, the student can go for the traffic police test.
  5. Shorter Waiting Time For Lesson Slot – The waiting time for getting lesson slot at driving centre can be up to few weeks to a month, whereas for private driving instructor the waiting time for lesson slot is much shorter.
  6. Lastly, student will be taught by one instructor hence the instructor can monitor the progress of the student better.

We have private driving instructors available at 3 driving centres in Singapore. Check out our driving lesson rates and choose the one that is most convenient for you and book for your first lesson today.

Driving Lessons are available at these driving centre:



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